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The allergy pharmaceutical powerhouse needed a way of streamlining its online ordering system in order to expedite shipping, minimize human error and increase profitability. ALK caters to medical offices around the globe, but its American operations were most deficient in its processes given the tight regulations required to be observed when selling within the American borders. A highly manual process was in place with the aid of a subpar web application that often times caused more frustration than it helped its users.


The company needed a system that would take into consideration its clients likes, dislikes, previous orders, volume of purchase and based on such metrics, assign a reward value to each individual account (bronze, silver, gold, platinum) to inspire repeat business and dependance of ALK for all things allergy related. The application also needed to be highly automated in order to minimize human error as the company processed each individual order.


Following the brand guidelines imposed by corporate in Denmark, Fahrenheit created a simple design based on core elements and colors.

Catering to a demographic group that ranged from 35 to 65 year-olds, it was important to create a navigation that would be intuitive and easy to follow.

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The outcome

ALK achieved tremendous success with the launch of the new ordering system. The new UX design (user experience design) brought a fresh and contemporary look to the otherwise aging application, while the case studies observed were meticulously analyzed in order improve the usability of each interaction. Streamlining the logic behind the scenes was also a major improvement as customer service personnel were left with little margin for error as they processed each individual order.


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