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The Power of Video in Modern Marketing

An explainer video, one designed to succinctly demonstrate a service or product to a cold audience is a highly sought asset for companies reaching new audiences. They are especially valuable for those reaching their audiences in short-form video through display advertising like YouTube pre-roll ads or TikTok. When fractions of a second can determine for your audience if your product will solve a pain point, contemporary marketing principles and expertise in video editing are indispensable. Fahrenheit Marketing put its dynamic editing skills to the test for Portacool’s debut of its CoolSync technology. 

The biggest innovation in a decade for Portacool was a new technology for its iconic evaporative coolers, an app-driven interface allowing users to control their coolers remotely, aptly named CoolSync. Before its market release, Portacool turned to Fahrenheit to both build excitement and demonstrate its products in a pre-release reveal. 

It is no secret that video plays a powerful role in garnering audience interest and holding it. Statistics support that interactivity and video are key to keeping viewers engaged and intrigued. For Portacool’s unveiling, we wanted to offer two videos: one focused on benefits and value; another focused on technical specifications and features to appeal to the wide spectrum of users. 


The Making of CoolSync’s Explainer Video

A synergy of art and technology demonstrated Fahrenheit Marketing's ability to turn initial ideas into engaging video. Collaboration with the client ensured the videos, infographics, and overall layout aligned seamlessly with Portacool's brand messaging, creating a holistic user experience that will be the hallmark of Portacool’s marketing efforts as the new technology and new Apex series shape the evolution of the company.

The technical process of making these videos involved collaboration with the app developer and Portacool to source imagery of the coolers and the app, adding textures like condensation, overlaying a music track, altering colors to be on-brand, adding the Portacool logo, and a mastery of the tools needed.

To create this video content, Fahrenheit used licensed software to source royalty-free music and graphic elements, and Adobe After Effects and Adobe Photoshop to create the technical elements. For perspective, designers reviewed dozens of stock video elements, hours of audio tracks, and utilized years of software and editing experience. While video production of this quality is not within reach for an amateur looking to produce their own work, Portacool was able to leverage the honed skills and the research the Fahrenheit team had already done, allowing their video projects to take around 8 hours only. That speed makes professional video editing/production possible for even small companies.

Collaboration on the project extended to our marketing and development teams to write the copy and compress, host, and display the videos on the landing page in a way that protected performance and enabled viewing across device types. The client too would have valuable input from copy adjustments to timing recommendations. Portacool was thrilled with the result.

Introducing a video

Impact at SEMA '23: Video as a Launch Catalyst

Central to its debut of the product were the videos Fahrenheit produced. The video of the app and its benefits would take center stage at SEMA ‘23 and the unveiling of the CoolSync technology and Apex Series. Exported in 4k, the video would be the backdrop playing in the Portacool booth for all to see. While the new evaporative cooler models were stunning, their true impact can be felt through the integration with the CoolSync technology. Having it on display in a format that brought the app to life (before users could buy the coolers/app) was crucial to demonstrating the value and benefit of the new series. Surprisingly, our client had not originally asked for a video! Fahrenheit recognized the advantage it would bring and our skills to deliver it within the budget for the landing page we were tasked to build. Once produced, the video would become an integral part of the strategy for introducing CoolSync and Apex to the world.


Fahrenheit Marketing's expertise in crafting memorable experiences shines through in this orchestrated product launch. While we showcase the explainer video here, the success of the launch is equally shared with a two-phase approach that underscores the importance of strategic planning, client collaboration, and the power of interactive features and engaging video content. Before the videos and full product details were made public, Fahrenheit had developed a unique interactive feature for the Portacool website that created substantial buzz ahead of SEMA. View our case study and experience the interactive landing page for the Portacool Apex Series product launch for yourself.

Power Of Video

Elevating Your Brand with Fahrenheit’s Video Expertise

As Portacool's Apex Series made its stunning debut, Fahrenheit Marketing's role as a trusted partner in navigating complex product marketing became evident. This portfolio stands as a testament to the innovative strategies and seamless execution that elevate product launches from moments to defining narratives in the digital age. Most companies perceive high-quality video production as unaffordable or unwarranted for their products and services. In most cases, an attention-grabbing, short-form explainer video is more viable than you think. While you may not unveil at one of the largest conventions in the world, your work deserves just as much strategy as you bring it to new audiences. Fahrenheit Marketing can be a thought partner and video producer for your brand. 

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