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Designed to captivate the attention of youngsters, Sparky's Schoolhouse is an initiative with the goal of bringing awareness to the danger of fire in a fun and engaging experience.


The Sparky’s Schoolhouse program was outdated, no longer engaging the target audience. Flat and still layouts failed to encourage interaction, ultimately rendering the site useless.


A simple "one-page" concept was presented, giving the user a no-fuss experience without page reloads. All the content is neatly organized in sections which are easily accessible through the top navigation, which sticks to the top of the page after scrolling takes place.

Fahrenheit employed bright, fun and high contrast colors in the redesign of Sparky's new site. A clean and uncluttered approach was taken, giving each section a clear path of action, encouraging young minds to click around and explore the content offered.

The outcome

The new website was a tremendous success! Once again, youngsters are using the site and its content, exploring every button, app and game. Traffic is up and teachers are loving the resources made available for their pupils in class and parents at home.


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