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Project Overview

  • UX Design
  • Web Development
  • Conversion Optimization Strategy
  • E-Commerce Capabilities


After a long time of operation in a rather small space in downtown Austin, the Austin Children's Museum was bound to grow. It's existing facility simply didn't meet the new vision and a new everything was put in place at the launch of "The Thinkery".

Most non-profit organizations suffer from a common ill: lack of funding. The existing website was dated, crowded, confusing and not at all inspiring. With the work and engagement of amazing leaders, the museum was able to secure funding for an all-new, exciting and vibrant space, that would once again breathe life into the imaginations of little ones all across central Texas.

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The Thinkery needed a website that was a reflection of the new and improved facility. An easy to navigate space where donors can easily find ways to participate and prospect members can quickly find their appropriate level of engagement. They needed a dynamic schedule of daily events and ongoing support for a growing member base.

Various iterations of design were created as we sought to find the perfect medium between information and usability.


After collaborations with the museum staff and a thorough understanding of the website's purpose and mission, Fahrenheit Marketing created a beautifully simple website that inspires all to visit the great new facilities as well as be a part of this beautiful new chapter in the life of the Austin Children's Museum.

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The end result was a colorful, fun-filled website that was easy to navigate and engaging for all ages. Simple tabs and buttons were implemented to guide the user’s experience, never creating an overwhelming feeling of “where do I go from here”. Exhibits, calendars and memberships were brought to the spotlight as the main focus of the website. As a result, membership has increased a staggering 300% since the move was made, in part, due to the new facilities, but also because of a streamlined, easy to use interface.


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