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4 Tips for Creating Infographics

You’ve seen them everywhere. But how do you make your own viral infographic that will lead to conversions? Here are a few tricks that will get your infographics spreading and converting in no time.
1. Learn from the pros
Before you make your infographic, it’s important to know what works. Take a look at sites like or Information is Beautiful to get some inspiration for your infographic. There are hundreds of infographics on those sites, but try to just focus on analyzing the ones that match the concept you want to show, so you won’t be overwhelmed.
2. Keep it simple
You need to choose one and only one topic for your infographic, so you don’t overload the reader. Try to think of a specific question that your infographic could give the answer to. When creating your infographic, don’t go visual-crazy and distract the reader. Instead, focus on a few high-quality, spaced out images that display what you want your reader to learn from the infographic.
3. Don’t forget your data
It’s easy to get lost in creating awesome graphics that your data and content gets left behind. Research your data thoroughly and make sure everything you include in your graphic is there to help your reader understand the information better, and not just to look cool.
4. Use infographic tools
Once you have brainstormed and planned your infographic, choose a tool to help you create it. A recent helpful SEOmoz article highlighted 10 great tools for creating infographics. Some free ones we like are:

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