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6 Benefits of Custom BigCommerce Themes

Business owners will spend countless hours attempting to customize their eCommerce website with underwhelming results. That energy could be put into marketing, R&D, continuing education, or customer service. Knowing one’s strengths and when to seek the guidance of experts is a quality that great leaders possess.

BigCommerce is a fully-hosted, SaaS, eCommerce platform enabling users to sell products and services online. There’s a reason over a million brands have active storefronts. It’s widely recognized for its benefits for both boutiques and enterprise-level brands alike. Beyond creating shopping experiences that convert, BigCommerce can be made to facilitate the most detailed and crucial aspects of completing a sale: the computation, handling, delivery, and inventory management.

What Are The Benefits of Custom BigCommerce Theme Development?

While BigCommerce offers several options for both free and premium themes, the compelling aspect that makes it a leader is the ability to customize for your unique business processes. Custom BigCommerce theme development is a great way to differentiate your store and delight your customers. When you partner with an agency with expert development capabilities, they make knowledgeable recommendations and create your BigCommerce theme from scratch, incorporating specific functionalities, tailored features, and flawless design. Let’s dig into 6 particular reasons why custom BigCommerce development is the obvious choice for ambitious eCommerce companies.

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1. Advanced Functionalities

More than just looking and feeling unique, customization helps your business function better behind the scenes. By investing in a professionally-developed BigCommerce theme, you can pick and choose which functionalities you’d like to incorporate into your BigCommerce store. While free BigCommerce themes include a variety of features, customization ensures that your storefront functions exactly as you intended. 

Professional web developers can create custom themes with advanced capabilities that you just can’t get out-of-the-box. Every brand is different, differentiate yours with a technically flawless user experience. Incorporate custom shipping or payment gateways, dynamic multi-store capabilities, or tailored shopping experiences.

Beyond creating shopping experiences that convert, BigCommerce can be made to facilitate the most detailed and crucial aspects of completing a sale: the computation, handling, delivery, and inventory management.

2. Third Party Integrations

Custom-built BigCommerce themes are crafted with your specific uses and third-party integrations in mind. When working with a development agency, you can rely on their knowledge of the ecosystem to identify which integrations will best serve your business. Developers then curate a tailored theme with intricate connectors to CRMs and custom API integrations. With each component working together, marketing and sales become interwoven to nurture brand loyalty, customer service, and repeat business.

3. Scalability

Custom BigCommerce theme development allows for easy modifications and expansions, perfect for companies looking to grow. Because the codebase was developed specifically for your business goals, you won’t have to change platforms or deal with messy data migrations down the line. Your BigCommerce storefront can function seamlessly alongside your growing traffic and transactions. You will need adjustments as technology and user expectations change, and a site engineered for growth from the beginning will save effort later.

4. User Experience

When you partner with a professional development agency, it’s likely they’ll have a team of UX and UI designers working alongside developers to ensure that user experience is optimized. These designers will strategically lay out your storefront to engage and delight prospective customers.

When UI and UX are prioritized in theme development it elevates your brand experience, time-on-page, conversion rates, and average order values. Especially for companies adding or removing features, pages, or functionality, having UX/UI evaluate how the navigation and user experience work is not a step to skip: don’t get stuck in a loop.

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Simply put, custom theme development will increase your brand’s SEO. From usability to technical elements, professional development improves almost every component that constitutes SEO, ie: what the search engines reward when choosing which sites to show to viewers. 

The Official Search Engine Quality Guidelines explicitly state that websites incorporating UI/UX principles will rank higher on search engine results pages. Professional theme development speeds up loading times, ensures best practices in formatting, and prioritizes cross-device responsiveness. With custom BigCommerce theme development, you can boost your visibility and your online sales.

6. Accessibility

Custom-built themes ensure that your BigCommerce store is completely ADA-compliant. A quality agency will prioritize accessibility without compromising on design or branding. Development agencies can provide expert accessibility insights to confirm that your storefront is optimized for all browsers and functions in accordance with WCAG and AAA standards. Check out Fahrenheit’s Accessibility Solutions.

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While growing your business, it can be tempting to cut corners with free or out–of-box theme selections. While these themes may serve you adequately for a short time, your online business is sure to grow. As it does, you will need to shift some sweat equity into some smarter processes, and BigCommerce integrations and customizations simplify and remove human error.  With custom BigCommerce theme development, you can be certain that your BigCommerce store is functioning and your fulfillment team is operating efficiently.

At Fahrenheit, we’ve developed countless custom BigCommerce themes for our clients, from branding websites to true eCommerce powerhouses. We have the capabilities to create a theme that will elevate your eCommerce efforts. Check out our portfolio of cutting-edge development projects.

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