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Marketing Tool Profile: MailChimp

At Fahrenheit Marketing we use many online marketing tools that help us get our clients the results they want. For example, when our clients want to use email marketing to contact their customers, we use MailChimp because it always gives us the results we need.

Through MailChimp, we design email newsletters, send them out, share them on social networks and track our results. Email newsletters are another way to help our clients communicate with their customers and keep them connected to their businesses. Some of our favorite aspects of MailChimp are:

1. A/B Split Testing

We don’t just send out emails and hope they do their thing. We carefully try out different methods through A/B testing to determine what methods work best. For example, we can test what day of the week gets us better open rates, what time of day works best for each client’s content and what subject lines are most effective. After we setup a test, MailChimp runs it for us and sends us the results of which campaign worked the best so we can do it again.

2. Analytics

Once emails are sent, we use the reports feature to analyze the results. Through MailChimp’s interactive graphs we can tell how many emails were delivered, how many people opened them, what percentage clicked, and more. We also like the industry comparison feature that tells us how our campaigns are doing compared with competitors’ campaigns in our clients’ industries. This helps us see if what we are doing is effective or needs improvement.

3. Autoresponders

We like how autoresponders help readers feel special and as a result, improve their experience with our clients. Through events-based triggers, we can send out autoresponders to readers based on opens, clicks, purchases or any other trigger we choose. Then, the reader will get an email perhaps thanking them for making a recent appointment with our client, or sending them more information about links they commonly click on.

We enjoy how email marketing helps us connect our clients with their customers in a personalized way and how we can convert those email clicks into dedicated fans. To learn more about how Fahrenheit Marketing can help your company, contact us today.