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Guest Blogging and You

What is Guest Blogging?

Guest blogging is pretty much what it sounds like. It’s a guest post you’ve written on another blog. The key to guest blogging is to include a link back (called a backlink) to your website in the body text or author bio. Most importantly, guest blogging is a form of earned media.

Why is it Important?

People guest post to increase the ranking of their own website. When your web page gets catalogued by Google, it takes note of how many backlinks (among other things) your page has. The higher the number of backlinks, the higher quality Google thinks your site is and the higher ranking your site will get on search engines. Besides that, an added bonus to guest blogging is the opportunity to expose your blog to a brand new audience. If you do well and make a good impression, you may be asked back to post again.

How Do I Write a Quality Guest Post?

A good guest post a a few different components to it. First, ask the owner of the blog if there are specific guidelines you should follow, like minimum word count. Keep in mind that the subject matter needs to be interesting and appropriate to the audience for which you are writing. Research the blog you are writing for to get a feel for appropriate topics and get ideas for your own. Write with an engaging voice, use keywords, and make sure your post is absent of spelling or grammatical errors, too. You can include pictures, videos, animations, and pretty much anything else that will add some visual interest.

How do I submit a Guest Post?

Pitching you guest post to a blog is perhaps the most important part of guest blogging. Come up with a catchy title, and send your target guest blog an email telling them about your great guest blog. Include a short list of topics you post covers or a small excerpt. Also mention details in your email that imply that you’ve actually taken a minute to look at their site. Then, send your email. If you don’t hear back, consider other methods of dispersing your blog post so it doesn’t go to waste.

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