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Two New Ways to Look at Visitor Location in Google Analytics

Google recently released two new features for the new version of Google Analytics which help users zoom in on clustered locations and see individual states and provinces outside of the United States. The first feature is a magnifying glass which pops up when you have a large cluster of cities. In previous versions, clustered cities were a pain because you had to mouseover each one to try and figure out the corresponding location, but the new version features automatic magnification, demonstrated in the graphic below.

The big dot in the middle is Los Angeles–but we can now see Arcadia, Glendale, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills and Burbank. You can still download a list of all the cities and get their corresponding data, but the new magnifying glass could provide better insights for local business like determining a customer radius.
The second feature is the additions of states and provinces for more than 170 countries. I imagine that the data for popular provinces will likely correspond with major cities, but this definitely helps international marketers by providing a better activity breakdown in the same way domestic marketers look at the US map to determine demand among states.

Who knew that in addition to Delhi, we’re rockstars in Maharashtra and Karnataka?