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Fahrenheit Employee Profile: Sherri Phengchard

Next up in our Fahrenheit employee profile series is one of our creative content developers, Sherri. She spends her days developing strong content for our clients that keeps them up in the SERPs while converting clicks into customers. Learn how her love for writing and all things Thai keeps her busy at home, too.
Where are you from?
I’m from a tiny town, Waxhaw, N.C., just south of Charlotte, N.C. I grew up there but always had dreams of leaving my town full of cotton fields and antique shops, and traveling the big, wide world.
When did your love for writing begin?
From the time I could hold a pencil. I always had Lisa Frank notebooks in my drawers full of stories all written in pink marker. Once I learned about similes, metaphors and personification, I thought it was amazing how words could be combined to paint pictures in people’s minds. My love for writing has only blossomed more over the years.
What kind of writing have you done?
I studied journalism at UNC-Chapel Hill. While there, I wrote for the daily school newspaper, as well as two other campus magazines. After I graduated I moved to Bangkok, Thailand, where I taught SAT Writing and Grammar. I moved back to America two years later, and I wrote for a local newspaper in North Carolina. Now I do content writing for Fahrenheit Marketing.
How did you first become interested in content developing?
After realizing journalism was all slowly moving online, I wanted to stay abreast of the new styles of writing. I took an internship at Fahrenheit Marketing and savored learning content development and how I could use my writing skills to help companies grow and flourish.
What did you enjoy most about Thailand?
My favorite part was meeting my husband there! My friend introduced me to Dominic at our church, and I thought he was the cutest Thai guy I had ever seen. We fell in love and got married across the river from the Grand Palace in Bangkok. And our son Rocco was born on September 24, 2012. I love working from home for Fahrenheit because I get to spend the rest of my time with the most adorable Thai-American baby in the world.
What is one thing people would be surprised to know about you?
I can cook Thai food that my Thai husband says is legit. I even started my own Thai cooking blog, Thai-Foodie. My love for Thai food is what led me to Thailand. After moving back to America I missed real Thai food so much, I started to learn how to cook it. It’s fun to use my love for writing, and cooking Thai food, to teach others how to cook it on my blog.
Sherri is just one of our many talented Fahrenheit employees. To learn more about Fahrenheit Marketing and how our team will work together to convert your clicks into clients, contact us today and set-up your consultation.