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When Agri-Empresa, parent company to several processing, storage, shipping, a packaging subsidiaries in the oil and gas industry, identified their need for an exhaustive website refresh, Fahrenheit was delighted to deliver. They needed a fresh website design that featured an intuitive interface that would allow browsers to use this website as a reference to fully understand their mission, their locations, and the many needs they meet through their subsidiaries.



  • Low speed and weak overall website health performance
  • Difficult to navigate & understand
  • Outdated website imagery
  • Lack of video content
  • Limited functionalities
  • Branding was not clear


  • Revamp the website’s layout and design
  • Incorporate improved footer & header
  • Revitalize branding
  • Implement new careers page functionality
  • Create and develop clear product and services pages
  • Introduce custom map functionality
  • Include a Carousel feature for easy partner company website access


Our designers and developers conducted thorough reviews of their existing website. We diagnosed numerous pain points and inefficiencies that we believed we could remedy with custom solutions. Their website health was low, and their unique selling proposition as a company just wasn’t coming through.


While we cleaned up their site structure, implemented new design elements, and incorporated a variety of new functionalities that would make the website easily understandable and navigable, we wanted to showcase some specific examples of the tailored solutions Fahrenheit was able to provide.

Agri-Empresa was interested in implementing a custom map feature showcasing where the oil and gas basins of Texas are with multiple pins showing their relative locations. Fahrenheit brainstormed solutions and went on to produce this and a version that also pulled from two primary railroad companies showing their proximity to the major transportation lines for that industry. Our designers used creative problem-solving to overlay several company maps and create a new pattern to represent where these ran across the state. We simplified several complex representations into a single, usable graphic that illustrates to their customers the breadth of their capabilities and their reach from the panhandle to the gulf coast.

We all know the value that relevant video content can bring to a user experience. We coordinated with Agri-Empresa’s videographer to edit a hero video of their facilities from above. We wanted the video to be fully optimized for viewing on their homepage without slowing down load speeds, affecting their quality as seen by search engines. The solution? We set up their videos to “lazy load” on-page while being hosted externally on Vimeo and Youtube so loading speeds would not be compromised and the content would be highly visible, all while appearing to be housed on-site and without disruptive ads and suggestions from their hosts.

At Fahrenheit, we value partnerships and provide our clients with the tools to succeed not only in the present but in the future. We worked in tandem with Agri-Empresa to ensure they had comprehensive knowledge of updating their website autonomously. We taught them how to maintain their careers page listings and worked with them numerous times to refine the listing update process and easily respond to any inquiries or website submissions.

The outcome

As a result of our diligence, collaboration, and deliberate solutions, we were able to develop a website with advanced functionalities that Agri-Empresa could utilize as a resource for branding and the illustration of their core competencies for years to come. At Fahrenheit, we employ experts from all digital disciplines. From marketing and design to development and branding, we can help grow your business. Take the next step towards elevating your digital efforts and schedule a consultation with our dedicated team today.


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