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QuikTrip Investment Group is a subsidiary of the iconic fueling brand, QuikTrip. They were founded by QuikTrip seeking to strategically deploy long-term capital into high-quality businesses that align with their core values.

As a new business venture with little existing awareness, QuikTrip Investment Group realized their need for a website that could communicate their core services to potential clients while embodying their iconic brand.

Goals and Challenges

QuikTrip Investment Group sought a streamlined web interface that would mirror their straightforward business model. They wanted the website to seamlessly integrate with their expansion plans, effectively becoming an extension of their brand. 

We aimed to create a user-friendly, responsive, and visually appealing website for QuikTrip Investment Group, drawing design direction from QuikTrip's corporate website while incorporating inspiration from capital investment firm websites that were selected by the client. We wanted to enhance QuikTrip Investment Group’s online presence, extend their brand, and provide easy navigation for users.


We developed their one-page WordPress website using the Sage theme and the Elementor Pro Page Builder. These development mediums were chosen to give the client autonomy when editing and managing their website content. The website was designed to comprise several key sections, including:

  • Home Page
  • About Page & Investment Philosophy
  • Portfolio Companies
  • Contact Us Page
  • Footer


The project followed a structured approach, moving from initial UX design to development and quality assurance stages, all while maintaining a strong line of communication with the client. Our meticulous web design and development process can be broken down into the following stages:


  • UX Design: This phase involved meticulous planning and wireframing to ensure optimal user experience and seamless navigation.


  • UI Design: The design cues from QuikTrip's corporate website and the personalities of other investment firms were skillfully incorporated, resulting in a visually engaging and cohesive user interface.


  • Development and QA: The approved UI design was translated into a fully functional WordPress website using the Sage theme and Elementor Pro Page Builder. Rigorous quality assurance testing ensured an error-free and responsive site across various devices and browsers.


  • Client Collaboration: Throughout the project, we maintained open lines of communication with the client to ensure all requirements, design elements, and legal guidelines were adhered to.
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Portfolio Page Portfolio Page

The Outcome

At Fahrenheit, we strive for excellence in all of our development and design projects. Through this development project, we were able to achieve internal and client objectives by delivering an on-brand, responsive website with intuitive interactive elements. 

The website successfully merges QuikTrip Investment Group's straightforward business philosophy with engaging design elements to captivate users. This one-page website will serve QuikTrip Investment Group as an extended online presence that aligns seamlessly with their expansion aspirations for years to come. 

As a full-service digital agency, we employ the best and brightest UX/UI designers and web development specialists. Have questions about our web and app development processes? We have answers. Schedule a call for a complimentary consultation.


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