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Nanohmics is a Texas-based R&D technology corporation launching a new product, a thermoelectric cooling device called Thermolynx.

Due to the specialized nature of this new product., Nanohmics realized the need for branding assistance. As a creatively skilled agency, we knew we could bring this innovative engineering product to life a leave a memorable impression.


Due to the complex nature of this modular thermoelectric system, we needed to understand what it was and how it works. We spent ample time discussing the product with their internal team so we could fully grasp its functions and applications. The client had previously decided on the name and general concept of the product and explained how and why they came up with it. Our challenge was finding a way to portray both the namesake cat and convey thermoconductivity. Our logo designers got to work, creating a logo and brand book that would make this technical product memorable at a glance.


Our designers chose Adobe Illustrator & Figma for our logo development mediums. When brainstorming and designing the initial logo, our designers saw the value in blending the stark nature of the product’s innovative applied science with the warmth associated with the electrical engineering industry.

The Thermolynx logo combines the concepts of "thermo" and "lynx," as well as a play on words with "Lynx" and"Links," introducing an element of playfulness to the logo. Using a immediately identifiable visage of the lynx head, they next iterated to find the particular angles, weight, colors, perspective, and the perfect ratio of abstract to realism for a memorable and identifiable brand mark.

Designed to represent the brand's unique identity and capture its particular essence, the logo aims to create a solid visual representation of the lynx in colors associated with heat, energy, and temperature transfer. We incorporated gradients and fading effects to further enhance the representation of temperature variation. With several iterations of color temperature and color scale, we found the right mix to please the client.

We then developed a brand book. This brand book was created to outline the specifics of using the logo in all branding materials and collateral. It also provided Nanohmics with specific guidelines on typography usage, color variants, and formatting, as well as product photography dos and don'ts. For companies poised for growth, holding onto brand identity and control is crucial.

New marketers always want to innovate, and industry partners typically don’t think to protect the logo, compressing or resizing to fit their needs. Only with a shareable brand guideline document can companies insist that their logo be kept sacrosanct.

The Outcome

The brand book serves to provide brand consistency as Nanohmics launches and showcases their new product through marketing and digital materials. The modern and memorable logo design will aid Thermolynx in establishing their brand across channels.

With these branding tools at their disposal, we know Thermolynx’s entrance into the electrical engineering product marketplace will be well received. 

As a full-service digital agency, we employ the best and brightest UX/UI designers and branding specialists. Have questions about our brand development process and logo creation process? We have answers. Schedule a call for a complimentary consultation. 


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